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Samuel Montalvo

Oceania Volleyball Referee Commissioner



This webpage serves as the public platform for Oceania Volleyball Referees.

At the moment this webpage is still under construction/development.  Please pardon the appearance.  Thank you.

Updates & Notices

28 NOV 2021 12:12 HST 

Oceania Volleyball Referee 2022 Registration and Updates
ALL REFEREES must complete their 2022 Oceania Volleyball Referee Registration in order to receive their initial badge. The form is located at

Referee Classification document has been updated, please find it in the Resources tab on the left side of the page, it is version 0.14.


27 APR 2021 10:09 HST (edited 03 JUN 2021 17:39 HST)

New Oceania Volleyball Referee Development and Classification Programs and other updates:
Effective immediately, Oceania Volleyball will be implementing the new Oceania Volleyball Development and Classification programs.  The main change is the Oceania Volleyball Referee Commissioner's approach on classifications which will align better with most countries and provide a clearer pathway for those interested in the next levels.  Kindly click on the link below to view the updates.  

If you have any questions please contact us: 

Sam Montalvo
Referee Commissioner - Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association

23 JAN 2021 18:01 HST

Appointees for the New OZVA Referees Development Sub-Committee:
As of 22nd January 2021, a Referee Development Sub-Commission was created to assist and serve as an advisory committee for referee development within Oceania.

Confirmed Appointed Members include: 

  • Obak Sato (PLW) – Western Zone
  • Akesa Delai (FIJ) – Central Zone
  • James Aufa’I (NZL) – Eastern Zone
  • Samuel Montalvo (ASA) – OZVA Referee Commissioner

The sub-commission may be expanded in the future to include (but not limited to) the following “at-large” representatives

  • International Volleyball
  • International Beach Volleyball
  • ParaVolley
  • Snow Volleyball

Thank You,
Sam Montalvo
Referee Commissioner - Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association

18 NOV 2020 18:22 HST

Seeking Interested Referees for the OZVA Referees Development Sub-Committee:
In order to facilitate further development of Oceania Referees, I will be assembling a group of current referees to assist. This group of referees will primarily serve as a developmental referee task force, focus/advisory group, as well as provide insights and feedback regarding the refereeing environment within their sub-zones and countries. This will be volunteer at-will appointments, with meetings primarily done via online video conferencing. Diversity will be emphasized with at least one member per sub-zone. In the interest of diversity, this will not be limited to Referee Commissioners or International Referees, Referees with no board positions or National Referees are allowed to apply/serve.

If you or anyone might be interested, please send a CV via e-mail to by 30NOV2020.

Thank You,
Sam Montalvo
Referee Commissioner - Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association

Samuel Montalvo

Oceania Volleyball Referee Commissioner